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When pursuing strategic acquisitions, it’s important for a company to work with an experienced and knowledgeable M&A advisor. Management cannot afford to divert too much of its attention to the M&A process and subsequently away from the core operating activities of the company. An M&A advisor acts as an outsourced corporate development department and/or bolsters the efforts of a pre-existing corporate development department. With National Capital as an advisor, your management team can focus on its core competencies and rely on our firm to use our expertise in buy-side M&A. National Capital works with your management team to plan, manage and execute the best deal.


National Capital provides the following services during a buy-side engagement:


  • Planning an attainable acquisition strategy

  • Developing a focused list of acquisition candidates

  • Preparing a strategic and financial comparison of the candidates

  • Determining the appropriate valuation points for each candidate based on multiple valuation methods

  • Establishing and continuing a relationship with the appropriate candidates

  • Determining the appropriate deal structure

  • Negotiating the terms of the deal

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