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Advisory Services

Finding a value-added acquirer is a process that involves matching your capabilities, customers, and employees to a firm that lacks some or all of these components. This process is often difficult, and requires a team of people with a significant number of industry contacts. With National Capital as an advisor, your company is able to explore the entire competitive landscape for appropriate acquirers. This provides you with the opportunity to find a quality value-added acquirer while also achieving an optimal valuation.


Advisory Services

When pursuing strategic acquisitions, it’s important for a company to work with an experienced and knowledgeable M&A advisor. Management cannot afford to divert too much of its attention to the M&A process and subsequently away from the core operating activities of the company. An M&A advisor acts as an outsourced corporate development department and/or bolsters the efforts of a pre-existing corporate development department. With National Capital as an advisor, your management team can focus on its core competencies and rely on our firm to use our expertise in buy-side M&A. National Capital works with your management team to plan, manage and execute the best deal.


National Capital Companies has over 25 years of experience raising capital for clients.  Our Capital Procurement Practice Group works with investors, banks, private equity groups, venture capital groups to provide capital for buyout financing, syndication, structured financing and ESOP financing. National Capital can help you secure capital tailored to your needs.

Buyout Financing, Syndication, Structured Finance, ESOP Financing


Real-Estate Financing

National Capital Companies is an investment banking with over 25 years of executing transactions. National Capital’s Real Estate Practice Group works with real estate owners and developers to provide capital for stabilized assets and well-conceived development projects. Whether needing equity to purchase a new asset, develop or recapitalizing an existing holding, National Capital can help you secure institutional capital tailored to your needs.

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