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Finding a value-added acquirer is a process that involves matching your capabilities, customers, and employees to a firm that lacks some or all of these components. This process is often difficult, and requires a team of people with a significant number of industry contacts. With National Capital as an advisor, your company is able to explore the entire competitive landscape for appropriate acquirers. This provides you with the opportunity to find a quality value-added acquirer while also achieving an optimal valuation.


National Capital provides the following services during a sell-side engagement:


  • Developing a Confidential Business Review or “Pitch Book” Memorandum for the Company

  • Determining an expected valuation range for the Company based on multiple valuation methods

  • Developing an extensive list of viable suitors based on certain categories that will allow a ranking by relative attractiveness

  • Preparing an Executive Summary that provides anonymous information about the Company to potential acquirers to establish initial interest

  • Initiating dialogue with companies known by National Capital to be viable suitors to determine preliminary interest and report findings to the Company

  • Executing Confidentiality Agreements with and providing data to interested and qualified candidates

  • Assisting the Company in negotiations with the targeted candidates

  • Advising and assisting the Company in formulating or reviewing any transaction proposal

  • Coordinating and documenting any Due Diligence that is performed by potential acquirers

  • Advising and assisting the Company and its legal counsel in the review of a Letter of Intent (if applicable) and Definitive Agreement(s)

  • Advising and assisting in the transaction closing

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